December 2009 11/30/2009
Suitcase Senses
Pack your bags for this cozy trip around the neighborhood, where your children will discover their five senses. What smells are coming from Grandma’s kitchen? Pour some peppermint tea, bake gingerbread cookies and dance to the ringing bells. This month, your suitcase will be filled with memories of love and laughter.
  • Letters: I, J, M
  • Numbers: 2, 12 & 20
  • Shape: Diamond
  • Colors: Purple & White
November 2009 11/02/2009
Transportation Station
Beep–Beep! Honk your horn for this fast -paced theme about transportation and things that "go." Compete in make-believe car races, ride a train through homemade tunnels, and fly above the clouds in an airplane. Invite your children to climb on a train, bike or horse, and ride off to where the imagination leads.
  • Letters: O, U, W
  • Numbers: 9 & 19
  • Shape: Star 
  • Colors: Blue & Red
October 2009 10/01/2009
Another exciting month at the JKLC ... We became members of the Scholastic Book Club this month!  Look for your first ordering opportunity with your child's sign in/out sheet.  Orders are due Friday, Oct. 16.

Treehouse Club
Learn all about trees, leaves, squirrels, and a silly moose. Imagine painting on wood, making friends with forest animals. Play with porcupines, but watch out for the skunk! Transform your room into a Treehouse Club where your child will learn numbers, letters, color-changing leaves and the many treasures of trees!
  • Letters: C, P, X
  • Numbers: 4 & 14
  • Shape: Triangle 
  • Colors: Orange & Brown
September 2009 09/01/2009
September 2009 is a historic occassion at Just KID-ing ... This is our first official month of preschool!  Our Mother Goose Time school year begins August 31, 2009.  Don't miss out!

Rainforest Explorer
Grab your binoculars and enter a tropical rainforest to learn about colors, numbers and letters; decorate a parrot with feathers; and count monkeys swinging in the trees. There is so much to do and learn while exploring the bugs, plants and animals in the different layers of the rainforest!
  • Letters: A, L, S 
  • Numbers: 3 & 13
  • Shape: Circle 
  • Colors: Red & Green 
August 2009 08/03/2009
This month we are introducing our new curriculum - Mother Goose Time - to our preschool students.  This is also our last month of Summer Camp.  School starts in September!

Little Doctors in Africa
Invite your child to become a Little Doctor this month. They will:
  • fix broken bones
  • operate on a lion
  • make glasses for an elephant
  • drive an ambulance 
  • burp babies and say "Ahhhh!"